RPA& wins the recognition and protection for Peru´s iconic appellation of origin Pisco

Since the late ’90s, the Republic of Peru, through their lawyers   Romero Pineda & Asociados requested the Salvadoran authorities the recognition and protection for their iconic appellation of origin Pisco, and it was only on March 15, 2005 that such recognition and protection was granted.

Although El Salvador had already recognized and protected the Peruvian appelation, Chile under the Free Trade Agreement, signed with the Central American region, also claimed rights to the same appellation of origin, to which for just cause, the Peruvian representation opposed, however, inexplicably, the Intellectual Property Office (Centro Nacional de Registros, CNR) rejected the opposition, and in violation of the Law, CNR  gave the Chilean representation, recognition and registration of the same name PISCO.

Due the denial against the Peruvian opposition, were filed every  enabled remedy of law,  but the CNR refused to attend legal reasons and the abundant and convincing evidence, resulting in an administrative claim before the Supreme Court of Justice (January 2008), claiming the illegality of the administrative actions.

Finally in July 23, 2013, the Honorable Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice issued a final verdict recognizing the illegal actions of the CNR, which affected the right of the Republic of Peru, on the appellation of Origin PISCO.

The verdict of the Honorable Administrative Chamber revealed an academic analysis, which rests on the evidence and arguments of Peruvian representation, and therefore declared null and void, the recognition granted to the Republic of Chile, regarding the appellation of origin PISCO.

The Lawyers involved in this matter were: Roberto Romero Pineda, President and founder of the firm and Carlos Castillo, Partner and Board Director who have been recognized by the Republic of Peru with the Recognition of Merit for their distinguished service in the grade of “Commanders” for the legal defense of the Denomination of Origin Pisco.


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