LOGOGEORGEMOOREJPG_200_50_220_55LogoDarlingtonFabrics_220_62_200_57The Moore Company, founded 103 years ago, is formed by a group of companies in 5 divisions, including GEORGE C. MOORE- EL SALVADOR, LTDA. DE C.V. and DARLINGTON FABRICS-EL SALVADOR, LTDA. DE C.V., operating in El Salvador, both of which are advised and represented by Romero Pineda & Asociados.

George C. Moore initiated its operations in El Salvador in 2006, and since then the Firm has been in charge of providing them legal advice at every stage of their expansion and in all their areas of operation.  José Roberto Romero, Vice president of the firm, is also part of the Board.

The company recently invested in new machinery, expanded its facilities to 11.489 square meters and raised its capacity by 32%. With this investment, the U.S. manufacturer considered one of the largest textile cluster producers has increased its production capacity and also raised the time capacity of customers delivery by 30%. George C. Moore has become a world leader in stretch fabrics warp knitting raschel, tricot and satin.

Currently, El Salvador is ranked in the 11th position among garments and clothing accessories suppliers in the United States, after being listed as number 42nd in the past.

Andrew Deher, George C. Moore Senior Vice President, said in a recent interview with the local newspaper “El Diario de Hoy” he considers their investment in El Salvador has led to the company’s continued growth, both in size and in number of exports, at the Central American region and The Caribbean.

George C. Moore and Darlington Fabrics are an important source of JOBS for El Salvador, having 400 employees and 140 employees respectively at their plants.


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