Effective as of October 1, 2012 came into force in El Salvador registration of second level domains, with the new extension .SV;  in addition to the existing third-level registrations,. COM.SV, which have been recorded up to this date.

Susana Navarro, Associate
Intellectual Property Division

An example of second level domain is: mydomain.sv

An example of third level domain is: mydomain.com.sv

 A period called “Sunrise” has been assigned by SVNET, entity responsible for administering the domains in our country, to those who already own a third level domain name in El Salvador. This “Sunrise” period is a priority right that has been given to the owners of existing third-level domains in El Salvador, so that they can register the same domain names with the new extension:  “.SV”. Such period began on October 1, 2012 and will end on November 30, 2012. After such period, all registrations received will be submitted to evaluation, since there are certain requirements to be fulfilled, and once SVNET verifies that they have been complied will grant the registration of second level domains: (.SV). The payment of the official fee for the registration will be held until the applicant receives approval by SVNET .

 No changes in Domain names can be applied for, that is, that you cannot request that the third-level domains become now as second-level domains, both records are considered independent from one another and therefore they must coexist.

 The registration of second level domains will be effective on the Internet to the public in general will as of January 1, 2013, since SVNET will just be accepting applications for “Sunrise” period and after the filing deadline SVNET will just be working on having these domains approved and registered.

 The registration of these domains is important due to the effect of the cybersquatting of domain names for those trademarks already registered because in El Salvador there is no substantive examination for rejecting a registration of a domain name based on a prior registered trademark rights, so the domain registration of second level becomes important for the defense of intellectual property rights of the owners of well-known trademarks.

For more information on the requirements and costs for registering a third-level domain and second level domain, currently in our country, you can contact us at the following email addresses: susana@romeropineda.com; marcela@romeropineda.com and gilberto@romeropineda.com, or call to (503) 2505-5555.

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